Do you write songs and make music but don't know what to do next? 

We offer a private music consultation service to help get you started and succeed in the music business.



What We Do

We get it. We ALL started with a DREAM.

We are here to help everyone from independent artists to labels, bands and even management companies, Anyone that is interested in achieving realistic, self sustaining, long term success through consulting, life-coaching and motivational assistance.
Let Adam and his Creationville Team, set you on the right path, to ensure a better chance at the competitive world of entertainment

We offer services that are tailor made for each musician and different from services offered to other musicians. We give consultation based on the musicians’ present business aspirations and the short but impactful questionnaire that he or she fills out. We study the questionnaire filled out with the relevant details, get to know the musician’s musical identity, listen to their music and examine the promotional materials and tools to better understand the artist.

And our sliding pricing plan is fair to the Artist that is trying to find his Genre and Path and affordable for Record labels looking to find the next smash hit!


Creationville CEO, Adam Gaynor was an original member of the band Matchbox Twenty....and his experience includes: 

Over 25 million records sold

Grammy nominations

American Music Award nominations

Rolling Stone's Band Of The Year

2004 People's Choice Award Winner

Toured for 10 years and played for millions of fans around the Globe

Access to Entertainment, Trademark, Copyright and Patent Attorney's

When will YOU put yourself FIRST?!


Let us help you reach your full potential!

Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

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