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Edgar Pingleton

The Ambassador of Creationville


In his soon to be released book, Edgar, teaches kids the idea that it’s really cool to just have a dream or wish upon a star, but it’s even BETTER when you actually DO something about your wishes and ACT to accomplish your dreams or goals.

It’s a message I hope to instill, not only in children, but in the parents that read Edgar’s book to their children every night. 
Because after all, we are ALL capable of accomplishing GREAT things. 

Edgar also represents the idea that not everything is perfect.

We shouldn’t go through life judging a book by it’s cover and when children AND adults hold Edgar, it’s very clear that we are more than capable of giving and receiving unconditional love from something or someone, that in fact, isn’t perfect.

I built the idea of the book around MY real life.

The fact that I was in a band that sold 25 million records was BEYOND my wildest dreams.

But I worked REALLY hard to reach that goal. And now, here I am 15 years after my music career and I’m climbing my SECOND summit….and this time…I hope to motivate and inspire an entirely NEW generation of Entertainment Entrepreneurs. 
(With Edgar’s help….of COURSE!)

To me, Edgar IS perfect and I think Kids AND adults will see him the same way.


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