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Adam Gaynor                                                Host

Randy Cooke                                                  Co-Host/Musical Director

Recent Episodes

Creationville Ep. 10 How to Succeed as a working Actor. Acting 101 w/ Twilight's Peter Facinelli!

This is a SUPER ENHANCED update to our "Ep. 0" Series Preview.....with Peter Facinelli! All new Sound Design and Music and a EXTRA BONUS Super Creepy SFX frighten even the most CURIOUS Vampire! New beautiful Cover art by my talented Design Lead and Love Rachel Akers and away we go! This was always the 10th episode installment and since we loved what Peter brought to the table....we showed it as our "Series Preview". Watch it again....the music and sounds effects are almost 91% NEW! Hope you enjoy! :::Hoooowwwwllll:::


Creationville Ep: 9 Cello Hollywood! Tina Guo conquers L.A.!

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be Hans Zimmer's SOLOIST, Wonder Woman's Main Title Theme Writer and basically one of the most FASCINATING Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.....well meet TINA GUO! Tina goes through the paces of Practicing to running a million dollar brand. And we were lucky to have here! This week....on CREATIONVILLE!


Creationville Ep. 8 How to be the BEST Drummer in Hollywood!

Join Adam Gaynor and Creationville as they welcome their very own Musical Director, Co-Host and Drummer Extraordinaire, Mr. Randy Cooke, as he teaches us ALL the dedication it requires to be the very best at your craft. From Mick Jagger to Ringo Star, Randy has played with them all and he has stories to tell. This week...on CREATIONVILLE!

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Meet Your Hosts!

Adam Gaynor


Born in New York, Adam has always enjoyed inspiring creative people. 

As a former member, of the band Matchbox Twenty, Adam sold 25 million records, toured the world and performed for millions of people

Adam currently resides in Southern California, where he still makes musicproduces his "Vodcast" and runs his multi-media companyCreationville.

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Randy Cooke

Co-Host/Musical Director

There aren’t many players that can comfortably and convincingly slip in and out of musical genres the way Randy Cooke does. 
Born in Toronto Canada, and having relocated to the US in 2004, he's had the pleasure of playing and recording for the likes of Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Hilary Duff, Smash Mouth, Natasha Bedingfield, Colbie Caillat, Ringo Starr, Five For Fighting and Kelly Clarkson to name only a few. 
With over 30 Gold & Platinum, and MultiPlatinum awards to his credit, he's appeared on Country, Smooth Jazz, Rock, Pop-Rock, MOR, and Alternative charts.
Randy has had numerous television appearances, including Jay LenoDavid Letterman, Regis & Kelly, Rachael Ray, A&E Private Sessions, Larry King, CBS Early Show, The View, Martha Stewart and was featured at the Montreal Drum Festival 2004, 2009 & 2018 as well as touring with the "Voice" in 2014
Randy's drumming influences started at birth as his father was a snare drummer with the Scottish pipe band in Toronto. 
Randy counts Stewart Copeland and the music of The Police among his early influences, as well as reggae artists like Bob Marley. He also listened to and learned much from the R&B/Funk music of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, Michael Jackson and Kool and the Gang. 
Randy has appeared in articles in Drums Etc., Modern Drummer Magazine and endorses Yamaha drums Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drum heads, Regal Tip drumsticks, and Alclair Audio in-ear monitors. 
Besides Co-Hosting the Creationville VodcastCooke now resides in Los Angeles, California where he is an active player, educator and clinician.


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