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Creationville Ep. 10 How to Succeed as a working Actor. Acting 101 w/ Twilight's Peter Facinelli!

This is a SUPER ENHANCED update to our "Ep. 0" Series Preview.....with Peter Facinelli! All new Sound Design and Music and a EXTRA BONUS Super Creepy SFX frighten even the most CURIOUS Vampire! New beautiful Cover art by my talented Design Lead and Love Rachel Akers and away we go! This was always the 10th episode installment and since we loved what Peter brought to the table....we showed it as our "Series Preview". Watch it again....the music and sounds effects are almost 91% NEW! Hope you enjoy! :::Hoooowwwwllll:::


Creationville Ep.9 Cello Hollywood! Tina Guo conquers L.A.!

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be Hans Zimmer's SOLOIST, Wonder Woman's Main Title Theme Writer and basically one of the most FASCINATING Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.....well meet TINA GUO! Tina goes through the paces of Practicing to running a million dollar brand. And we were lucky to have here! This week....on CREATIONVILLE!


Creationville Ep. 8 How to be the BEST Drummer in Hollywood!

Join Adam Gaynor and Creationville as they welcome their very own Musical Director, Co-Host and Drummer Extraordinaire, Mr. Randy Cooke, as he teaches us ALL the dedication it requires to be the very best at your craft. From Mick Jagger to Ringo Star, Randy has played with them all and he has stories to tell. This week...on CREATIONVILLE!


Creationville Ep. 7 Red Carpets to Type Writers...get yourself THROUGH the door! w/ Byron Burton

Red Carpet Legend, Byron Burton, walks us through his journey into Hollywood, ALL THE WAY from a little town in Kentucky and his Grandma didn't even have RUNNING WATER?!! He writes, he talks, he's Hollywood Mega Entrepreneur and even more from the HUSTLE series, to see what it takes, to get your foot through the door! WE GOT THIS!


Creationville Ep. 6 The Composer Who Out-Hustled Hollywood w/ Jim Dooley

Jim Dooley wasn't born with an EMMY in his hand....he worked his %$# off waiting tables, running errands, making sandwiches and EVENTUALLY....conquering Hollywood as one of the very BEST music composers in town. But his LIFE LESSONS...are for EVERYONE.


Creationville Ep. 5 Don't Make Excuses If You Want To Succeed In Hollywood w/ Rufus Dorsey

Coming from nowhere, overcoming illness, defeating the odds and adjusting along the way...Actor, Diabetes Survivor and Motivational Speaker Rufus Dorsey found himself working on some of the biggest movies in Hollywood.


Creationville Ep. 4 The Secrets Behind My Biggest Success. The Adam Gaynor Story.

This is the only episode in Season 1, where I talk about my road to being in one of the biggest Pop Bands of all time. It's funny, informative and mostly entertaining.


Creationville Ep: 3 How to make Viral Videos and other Hollywood Secrets!

Join us as You Tube Director and Influencer Zeke Rodrigues Thomas gives us insight into how he was involved with THREE viral videos that have amassed more than 100 MILLION views! From navigating Hollywood to inside tips on what to focus on, this episode gives us tips and insight into being one of Hollywood's top content creators.


Creationville Ep. 2 How To Be a Successful Independent Artist & Industry Secrets w/ Kara Connolly

Singer/Songwriter Kara Connolly shares her experiences as an independent artist in Hollywood. From writing songs to understanding the marketing aspects of growing a fan base....Kara gives us all a glimpse into the life of a serious musician, on the way up!


Creationville Ep. 1 How to Produce Children's Entertainment w/ Award Winning Producer Douglas Sloan

From Power Rangers to Dragons: Race To The Edge, Join us for Episode One, the ORIGINAL First Show shot for the Creationville Series, as Douglas Sloan sits with Host Adam Gaynor and reflects on life in Children's Television.....and BEYOND! It's Raw, It's Real and It's ALL About Hollywood! Let's do this! "Hollywood Edition"


Creationville Ep. 0 Preview- How to Survive and Flourish in Hollywood w/ Twilight's Peter Facinelli

He's a VAMPIRE, He's an ACTOR and mostly he's a SUPER COOL HUMAN! This week Twilight's Peter Facinelli joins us at CREATIONVILLE. Subscribe at: Hang out with us as Peter talk's about how HE got HIS BIG BREAK in Hollywood, Showbiz and LIFE! This is our SNEAK PEEK PREMIERE FULL EPISODE! Have you Ever Wondered How Creative People Found their Path to Success?! It's's's's CREATIONVILLE!


Creationville Promo - Want to Succeed in Hollywood? Make Money through Creativity? This is for YOU!

Here's the Intro to our new Podcast/Vodcast series: "Creationville". If you've ever wondered how Creative Entrepreneurs, Actors, Musicians or Producers got their start....we hope you tune in, to find OUT, how they got their break! We're also giving away 5 Edgar Pingleton Toys for the first 24hrs when you subscribe TODAY, June 23rd, 2020! Let's do this! TOGETHER!

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